Descriptive Essay Writing

Writing a descriptive essay can be a tough, grueling task as you could end up exaggerating the description. The main problem associated with descriptive essay writing is that people cannot connect on the same level as your imagination with the people, places and settings you are describing. By describing all five senses you could create a masterpiece in your essay.

It is important to envision the surroundings in great detail before describing it. The trick is to detail in the setting and characters for your essay. Including items you see according to the situation described will add more creativity to your writing as well as variety. These can be associated with color, shape, volume, texture and light. Many of the things you will want to describe in your essay will involve these.

Think about the sounds you hear. This includes loud and expected sounds but also little things that anybody barely notices. Consider the tiniest sounds and its inclusion in your descriptive essay to add another dimension to your writing.

More than describing what you can see, hear, sniff, touch or taste it is very important that you describe your own feelings while you sensed your background. It is hard for feelings to be put in words, especially if it is about something so simple as touching a brick, but it should be put under a certain context. This forms the mood of the whole descriptive essay and engages the writing in a tone you prefer to use to the reader.
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